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Welcome to the Busy Bumble Bee’s!

We know that Pre-Kindergarten is not only an amazing and exciting time in your child’s development but also a critical time to encourage their abilities and brain, as they are developing quickly. This is why our school has worked diligently to develop a well-balanced curriculum, which helps children progress in core pre-academic skills such as literacy, math, social studies, and science, as well as in other essential areas such as art, music and health and wellness.

Through our uniquely developed Bible curriculum we will also strive to encourage your child’s spiritual development as they learn how to trust in God and treat others with kindness.

Our teacher, Ms. Celene has been teaching for 16 years, 7 of them here at New Discoveries. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and she is especially skilled at integrating these curriculums and adjusting them as needed to ensure that every child is learning and being challenged appropriately. Ms. Celene believes that it is important to not only be sure that their academic needs are addressed, but she understands that their social and emotional needs must continue to be nurtured as well.

It is the combination of our curriculum, teacher, and beliefs that has allowed our children to reach success not only here at New Discoveries Preschool but also out in the world as they grow and experience new adventures.

We understand that most children will leave our Pre-Kindergarten class and enter straight into a Kindergarten classroom. Taking this into consideration, we strive to make certain that each child is given every possible tool they need to excel as they venture out to achieve their dreams!

Safe and Engaging Environment

DSCF1584Our classroom has been thoughtfully arranged into a number of interesting centers to provide the children with a variety of learning and play opportunities. These centers include: Art and Writing, Sand-Water Table, Library, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Fine Motor, Math and Science. There are many areas, which encourage cooperative play amongst their peers. However, we are also aware that children may need quiet or independent time, so we have intentionally designated areas that allow the children to do this. Our Busy Bumble Bee class has also been carefully set up to ensure that Ms. Celene can clearly supervise as she is engaged in a small group activity


Learning Fun!

IMG_1539Your child’s day in Pre-K will be balanced between teacher-directed and child-directed times. It’s important for young children to be able to make choices and to learn how to make their own plans for what they will do, as well as to learn how to follow the directions of group-led activities and projects.

Our Pre-K activities last a bit longer than those your child may have previously experienced in our three’s class. At this age, your child can sit longer and focus on more intricate and purpose- driven projects. Here, they will work both individually and in small groups to learn to solve problems. Each child is encouraged to explore their own creativity with projects that support and help develop their natural abilities.DSCF1648

During circle-time children learn the days of the weeks, months of the year, basic Spanish vocabulary and are assigned a helper jobs. Circle-time is an interactive time, where the children assist in naming the day, putting up the date, pointing to the letter/color/number of the week.

Weekly themes and activities have been selected, by our owner to teach children about their world, in an integrated curriculum that further support the expansion of your child’s creativity, literacy, problem-solving, socialization, and independence. These themes are changed weekly and can be found posted in your child’s classroom.   Each week we will also integrate a letter, shape, color and Bible story into the selected theme. Your child will work on Math, Science, Social Emotional, Fine motor, Social Studies, and Language skills daily, as we plan our

Pouring with Rice and Seeds

Pouring with Rice and Seeds

curriculum using the Arizona Early Learning Standards.

Gross motor skills involving arms and leg movements are supported daily through climbing, running, riding tricycles as well as teacher-led games. We have a fun, shaded playground with a large wooden structure, sturdy tricycles to ride on, a basketball hoop as well as a slide to further encourage these skills. Our playground is also stocked with buckets, shovels, trucks, a playhouse with shopping carts and food to inspire cooperative play as well as to help the children create and imagine.


Positive Guidance

At New Discoveries we strongly believe that children need a secure and loving environment where limits are reasonable and consistent, as well as the growing ability to make choices and learn from their actions. We take every opportunity to work with the children and teach them problem solving skills. We primarily use re-direction and teach our children what choices or behaviors are better options. Teachers work hard to reinforce positive behavior as opposed to focusing on the negative behavior. We also work on teaching children empathy by having them help take care of a friend they may have played too roughly with. Time-out is rarely used with the children, but when it is we are careful to limit it to three minutes .  Our teachers follow it up by talking with the child about how they can better solve their problem next time. We encourage the children to talk out their problems with each other so that they can learn to resolve their problems independently.

Communication with parents

We have a dry erase board posted in the class, where the teacher will write notes about what the children have been working on that day. We also have an open door 4s_twopolicy and welcome parents to come in and help in the classroom anytime. If you wish to talk in more detail with your child’s teacher, you are welcome to schedule a conference with her.

Our teachers also work hard to capture and document many of your child’s developmental milestones through an individual portfolio. Included in this portfolio is a developmental check list


Field Trips and other Fun Activities!

We go on field trips throughout the year to extend learning beyond the classroom. Field trips have included picking apples at the orchard, behind the scenes tour of the grocery store, picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and visiting the zoo!

We have a strong music program which includes a Christmas performance and end-of-the-year graduation and performance, complete with caps and gowns.

We also have a special dance instructor, Ms. Kerri from Albuquerque who comes up once a year for a special dance class. This class helps develop gross motor skills in a fun and unique way.

In the summer, for one week, we have a vacation bible school curriculum which the children enjoy very much. It is a fun filled week packed full of songs, games, special snacks, and crafts.


“All 3 of my kids have attended New Discoveries over the last 10 years.  I like that there isn’t a big turn over in the teachers and the staff is friendly and give me updates when I pick up my child.  My daughter, who currently attends, loves going and learns something new everyday.  I drive from the SW side of town to New Discoveries because I feel I found a great place to send my kids.”


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