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Welcome to the Fearless Wildcats

Even after a long day in school, your child needs to be engaged in a comfortable, yet stimulating environment.  We recognize that school age children seek new challenges, are growing physically, intellectually and are eager to develop close friendships, as well as experimenting with their independence and balancing their emotional development. New Discoveries Preschool provides a comfortable, safe, fun place for your school age child to play, unwind, interact with peers and caring adults, and learn.

The school age program is available for children who are 5-12 years of age before and after school, over school breaks and during summer.

Ms. Brittany is the Fearless Wildcats lead teacher. She has been working at New Discoveries Preschool for 3 years. She has spent the last few years assisting in the two’s class and throughout the school as needed. Most recently, she joined the Wildcats and has a wonderful ability to connect and relate with them.

A Typical Wildcat Day

Once the children arrive at the center, we will take them outside to our playground,7th pic right school age where they can burn off some steam and play. Our playground has a large wooden structure for the children to play on, a basketball hoop, hoola hoops, jump ropes and a variety of balls for the children. After enjoying a bit of outside time the children will come in for a healthy afternoon snack, which we provide at no extra cost to you. We encourage the children to engage in conversations with each other and really take this time to re-energize themselves for the rest of the day’s activities. DSCF3678Ms. Brittany will lead the children in a circle time activity or discussion about the week’s current curriculum or bible theme. This is a time the children really enjoy, as Ms. Brittany tends to play fun games or teach them fun facts to help expand their knowledge about the world around them.

Following Circle, the Wildcats are provided the choice between homework, an art project or activity that is related to the theme of the week. We make sure that this time is engaging, yet still calm and quiet enough for those who need to concentrate on homework assignments.

Ms. Brittany is always available to help those children who need assistance with homework and enjoys working with them and watching them develop. Free Time within the classroom is also offered to the children where they can play board games, do puzzles, build with blocks, play in the kitchen area or get creative at the art center. After this time, we then take them outside for a large group game and free play.


3rd pic right school ageWeekly themes about the world have been carefully selected by the owner to help expand your child’s knowledge of the world around them. Themes include learning about Tucson, the USA and other countries, the ocean, specific holidays, and outer space. Every week your child will engage in art projects, science activities, cooking projects, social studies, social emotional activities and math skills. We have created a bible curriculum, which we also integrate into your child’s weekly curriculum. At New Discoveries Preschool we strive to assist our parents in developing Christian values. Your children are very special to us and our goal is to help build self-esteem in each child and encourage a connection and love for God.

Summer11th pic left school age

During summer we work hard to ensure that the children are having fun and enjoying their vacation from school, while still teaching them about new and exciting places around the world. Our days are a bit more involved during summer than in the school year.   The curriculum is extended with activities that include social studies, social emotional issues, a weekly cooking project, sensory play and music and movement time. Along with the curriculum activities, we go on two weekly field trips to various places around Tucson. Examples include a tour of the Eegee’s factory, a trip to Mt. Lemmon, Bowling, Breakers Water Park, swimming, and Colossal Cave. We also plan a water play day every week and a fun Friday activity like an ice cream party, movie and popcorn day, or a luau.

Positive Guidance

At New Discoveries we strongly believe that children need a secure and loving environment where limits are reasonable and consistent, as well as the growing ability to make choices and learn from their actions. We take every opportunity to work with the children and teach them problem solving skills. We primarily use re-direction and teach our children what choices or behaviors are better options. Teachers work hard to reinforce positive behavior as opposed to focusing on the negative behavior. We also work on teaching children empathy by having them help take care of a friend they may have played too rough with. Time-out is rarely used with the children. Ms. Brittany teaches them how to problem solve and work on conflict resolution together by facilitating them as they discuss, listen and compromise with each other. We encourage children to cooperate with and respect their classmates.  Our goal is to create a positive and safe environment where children gain the confidence and abilities to work out their problems, and think of resolutions independently.

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